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Official NFL Flag Football Rules

Total Athlete Sportz Modifications

Rules Modifications for Total Athlete Sportz:

1.   Each team has two 60-second timeout per half.

2.   We will only allow coaches on the field for the 8u & under age categories.  This way when the kids move into the next age bracket, they will learn the plays during practice and received them from the sideline where the coach will be. Also, the coach on the field cannot yell any plays or directions during a live play to your player. You will receive a warning for the first offense, and then you will be penalized on the second infraction.

3.   Per the referee company the games will start on time. If your team is late there will be a 1 point given for every minute that the team is not ready to play. After ten minutes the game will be called.

4.   Coaches (10u - Older division) will be allowed to huddle with their team to call plays, but the coach needs to be on the sideline before play starts.  

5.     Also, each team will be given a set of 4 downs to reach the 50 yard line to receive another set of downs or a score.  When the offensive team is on its 4th down, they would have a choice now.  They can either go for it or try to reach the 50 yard line for a new set of downs and if unsuccessful the other team would receive the ball at the spot where the 4th down was unsuccessful. They may choose to punt and the other team would start the ball on their 5 yard line.  As the kids grow and go into Tackle football they will have 4 downs for a new set of downs or a score.

6.   Also, in the no run zone, where the offensive team cannot hand the ball off as a running play. However, the defensive has the advantage knowing that the offense can only pass the ball, but the defense can still rush the QB from 7 yards out (except in the 7 on 7 division). We believe this put the offense at a disadvantage; therefore the defensive will have to make a decision whether to rush the QB or not, because now we will allow the QB to tuck and run once the defensive players has crossed the line of scrimmage in a rusher’s action(in all divisions). However, if the QB tucks and run with the ball before the defensive player has crossed the line of scrimmage that will be an offensive penalty. So, we clear the QB cannot hand the ball off to another player in a running action, he can throw a pass to any player he likes only. Remember, the QB in the 6-7 age group has 7 seconds, 8-12 age group has 5 seconds to pass the ball in the older age groups the QB will have 4 seconds to pass the ball.

7.    QB is allowed to run anywhere on the field once the Blitzer crosses the line of scrimmage.

8.   Handoffs or backward laterals are legal at any point on the field other than the no run zone. Regardless, if the defense rushes or not.

9.   Teams can still do run plays in the no run zone as long as they don’t advance the ball pass the line of scrimmage running.

Total Athlete Sportz 7 on 7 Rules

(a) Manages the 25 second play clock

(b) Manages the 4.0 second passing count

(c) Manages the game clock, two continuous 18 minute halves.

(d) 2 timeouts per game that will stop the game clock (1 minute in length), a timeout prior to the attempt of an extra point will stop the game clock until the ensuing change of possession

EXCEPTION: Injuries. All games will halt until injured player(s) can be safely removed from the field

(e) Will keep the score on the field


(a) QB is not allowed to run with the ball beyond the Line of Scrimmage (LOS) unless blitz. Once the 4.0 second passing count has been completed the ball will be dead.

(b) No kicking/punting.

(c) Offenses always move in the same direction.

(d) Laterals will be allowed anywhere on the field

(e) Handoffs, tosses, and pitches are allowed except in the “No Run Zone”


(a)  No blocking allowed anywhere on the field or downfield screening

(b) Defensive Pass Interference will be a spot foul (1st down at the spot).

(c)  There will be NO chucking, or deliberate bumping or grabbing. These actions will result in a "tack on" penalty at the end of the play (5 yard penalty).

(d) Offensive team is responsible for retrieving and returning the ball to the previous spot or the new scrimmage spot. Clock does not stop and any delay by offense in retrieving and returning the ball to the referee will result in a delay of game and will be a 5 yard penalty from the succeeding spot.

(e)  The offensive center is an eligible receiver (all teams must have a center). The center is responsible for establishing the succeeding spot as designated by the referee.

(f)  Snapping of the ball by the center must be between the legs.

(g) Any number of defensive players may rush the QB if lined up at the 7 yard maker.

(h) One coach is allowed on the field for the team's offensive possession. The coach must remain behind all offensive players at all times.

(i)   No coach is allowed on the defensive side of the field.

   Scoring 7V7

  1. Six (6) points for a touchdown
  2. One (1) point for a PAT from 5 yard line
  3. Two (2) points for a PAT from 10 yard line
  4. Two (2) Points for Defensive Stop on downs
  5. Three (3) Points for Interception  (no runbacks or “pick 6” for safety reasons)
  6. Turnover on a PAT is dead ball (including INT)
  7. Official scores will be kept by field referee and sideline scorekeeper.

  Scoring 6V6

(a)  Touchdowns 6 points

(b) 1 point for PAT from 3 yard line

(c) 2 point PAT from 10 yard line

(d) Interceptions returned to the 45 yd. line, on the PAT attempt, will be worth 2 points.
(e) All Interceptions can be returned for a Touchdown.
Extra points can be returned for 2 pts


(a)  After coin flip to determine first possession, teams will alternate four down series from the 15 yard line.

(b) A winner is determined when one team outscores the other team during an overtime session. Each team must go for two points on the conversion attempts beginning in the           2nd overtime.

(c)  Third overtime a winner will be declared based of yardage gained if neither team scores. You must gain positive yardage to win.

EXCEPTION: Injuries. All games will halt until injured player(s) can be safely removed from the field



(a)Field Length 45 yards (135 feet)

(b)Field Width, minimum of 40 yards and not to exceed 53 yards

(c) Field is marked with three (3)15 yard zones with cones on each sideline

(d) Last 15 yard zone will be designated as the “No Run Zone”

(d) End Zone 10 yards deep




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